Who we are

Dr. Kopf & Consultants was founded by Dr. Marija Kopf, doctor in computer science with vast experience in SAP Consulting, process automation, software processes, and artificial intelligence. AI started as an academia hype in the late 90s, but now it’s becoming an immeasurable force in the modern business world and will continue to be in the future.

We firmly believe that AI-powered digital transformation is going to change our lives just like electricity and steam engines did in the past. It’s undoubtedly the most potent technology people have ever had access to. We are here to make it work in your favor.

Our mission

The Intelligent Enterprise framework was developed to help businesses of all sizes integrate capabilities that truly benefit them. Our SAP Consulting services enable you to figure out which solutions could drive value to your company and set you on the pathway to success. A truly intelligent enterprise doesn’t mindlessly adopt all the new technologies available but instead knows how to choose the right ones.

Our approach

Our holistic approach goes beyond the simple technical integration of modern applications. We blend our SAP expertise and excellent business acumen with AI technologies to drive the utmost value to your company. The ultimate goal is to empower you to become a truly intelligent enterprise capable of riding the wave of digital transformation and outshining your competitors.