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As the digital revolution continues to disrupt society, organizations must understand how it impacts their industries and markets. They must also develop an understanding of how this will transform business processes and enterprise technologies. AI-powered technology provides organizations with greater flexibility, efficiency and value.

With digital transformation comes fidgetiness about dynamics, regulations and potential risks. However, change breeds opportunity – and our mission is to be the technology catalyst for your enterprise’s future. We work with you to figure out what industry trends and technologies will make the most impact for your organization, and we deliver customized insights and recommendations on how to get there—allowing you to “ride the wave” of digital transformation.
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Take your company to the next level by leveraging the power of AI-based SAP solutions with Dr. Kopf as a reliable partner.

SAP Consulting Services

We bring cutting-edge technology to organizations worldwide by combining technical expertise with innovative business thinking to inspire breakthrough strategies. If you choose Dr. Kopf & Consultants, you get to work with an expert SAP consultant that will work closely with your stakeholders to provide advice perfectly tailored to your company’s specific goals and needs, always keeping the end-customer as the primary focus.

AI-powered SAP Solutions

We develop and implement AI-based SAP solutions to automate, accelerate and transform corporate processes across multiple business lines in a scalable, future-proof manner. From integrating task automation to amplify productivity to creating custom-made solutions to support data privacy, our tailored AI SAP solutions empower your company to achieve growth and competitive advantage by seamlessly making technology work for you.

Our Process

Vision and outcomes alignment

We deploy a digital transformation strategy meant to solve all your enterprise’s pain points and achieve the desired outcomes within the given budget and timeline.

Opportunities discovery

We perform a thorough analysis of your organization compared to the key players in your industry to uncover growth opportunities through technology innovation.

Pathway to success

After gaining essential insights, we start creating the transformation roadmap by defining the technical migration plan and the deployment strategy.

What is an intelligent enterprise

Businesses around the globe are striving to use artificial intelligence (AI) to drive their businesses forward. Intelligent Enterprises are data-driven integrated enterprises that use the latest technology innovations to generate value, become more resilient and always be one step further.

At Dr. Kopf and Consultants, we make it easy for our customers to connect data and decisions. We provide our customers with the state-of-the-art technology and industry knowledge necessary to become intelligent enterprises. By using AI, SAP customers can integrate and process information more efficiently and use this information to make quick and informed decisions.

Our SAP Solutions and SAP Consulting Services can help you become an intelligent enterprise by elevating the following aspects:

Business Processes

Encapsulating Business Process Intelligence and Business Network. While Business Network refers to cloud-based solutions that enable companies to connect all their partners and data into a single directory, Business Process Intelligence solutions allow businesses to analyze their performance and translate insights into actions.


Encapsulating SAP solutions like Customer Experience, Intelligent Suite, Industry Cloud. Such intelligent applications can be used by companies to improve their business processes and implement automation to streamline their workflows.

Business Technology Platform

consists of Analytics, Database & Data Management, App Dev & Integration, and Intelligent Technology solutions that provide companies with the means to build, manage, deploy and connect data with business processes via an integrated platform.


Infrastructures provide companies with solutions to become more agile and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) by hosting their applications on SAP Data Centers or Hyperscalers.

Do companies need all the SAP solutions to become intelligent enterprises?

The Intelligent Enterprise framework was developed to help businesses of all sizes integrate capabilities that truly benefit them. Our SAP Consulting services enable you to figure out which solutions could drive value to your company and set you on the pathway to success. A truly intelligent enterprise doesn’t mindlessly adopt all the new technologies available but instead knows how to choose the right ones.

Why us

Transparency from start to finish

You are given complete visibility into your SAP implementation project. Our SAP consultants guide you from planning to completion, identify risks upfront, conduct regular quality checks, provide prototypes, and execute end-to-end solution demonstrations. As part of our SAP Support Services, we focus on your business needs and incorporate these into the development lifecycle to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

Bespoke solutions

Regardless of the nature of your organization, your IT strategy needs to be geared towards your business goals. This is where our expertise across multiple SAP solutions becomes so valuable. We’ll work with you to suitably plan your goals, providing technical knowledge where it is needed, but ensuring that the advice is always given in the context of how it will help you grow your enterprise.

Proven track of success

We have been designing and implementing comprehensive and successful SAP solutions for our clients since 2013. Our extensive experience enables us to dive deep into your organization’s needs and concerns to implement proven strategies that mitigate risks and lower costs considerably.

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Achieve consistently higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach. Achieve consistently higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach.

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Achieve consistently higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach. Achieve consistently higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach.

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